Ragnar Relay 2013

Hold My Beer and Watch This Goes to Canada

Hold My Beer and Watch This, eh?

After two Ragnar Pennsylvania’s, our team of 12 is branching out and taking on a new challenge – Ragnar Relay Ontario Niagara in June, 2013.  The Ragnar Relay is a series of running relay events for teams of 6-12 runners, averaging 200 miles and stretching over 36 legs.  For the 12-person teams, each runner completes three legs, running in the same order (runner 1 completes legs 1, 13 and 25).  Each leg is rated for difficulty, and all legs vary in distance.  Teams go out in two vans, with the six members of van 1 staying together and the six members of van 2 staying together until the finish.  The vans only see one another every six exchanges when the next van’s legs begin.  Most of our team members are from Eastern Pennsylvania with two from the DC-Metro area and one runner from Ontario.  Hold My Beer and Watch This is a non-competitive co-ed team.

Hold My Beer and Watch This is seeking sponsors able to provide goods in exchange for visibility on this page/blog as well as through all 12 team members social media accounts.  The following items/services are needed:

  • Van or Full-Size SUV
  • Energy Bars
  • Running apparel – running socks, shorts, tops, hats, rain gear, accessory belts
  • Safety gear – reflective vests, headlamps, blinking lights
  • Water
  • Electrolyte drinks
  • Electrolyte gels or bites
  • Protein drinks or powder
  • Fruit
  • Compression gear for recovery – socks, shorts

Thank you to the following companies:

Hold My Beer and Watch This product supporters

Hold My Beer and Watch This product supporters

  • Aspaeris for your support of the ladies of Hold My Beer and Watch This! We are all looking forward to spreading the Aspaeris Pivot Shorts love to all of our friends and families, along with our fellow Ragnar teams. Visit AspaerisPivotShorts.com for information on these awesome compression shorts for women.
  • Shower Pill for providing us with your product to use during the run. Six sweaty people sharing a van can get pretty rank, so with Shower Pill we’ll stay fresh as flowers!
  • Knuckle Lights for providing us with lights to use during our night-time runs. Safety is key, and Knuckle Lights provide excellent visibility when it’s dark.
  • RunGuard for providing us with product to prevent chafing. Chafing comes when you least expect it and RunGuard is convenient and non-greasy.

To find out more feel free to email Sundanckim@gmail.com.


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