Pop A Cork New Years Virtual Run

Pop A Cork no circle 14m Pop A Cork no circle 5k

For the past several years, as New Years plans are flying around I always say I’m going to do a race on New Years Eve or New Years Day. In reality, I have yet to do so. Don’t get me wrong, I go for a run almost every New Years Day, but I do it at whatever time I am ready to. It occurred to me that I cannot be the only person like this.  When I started thinking about what I could do to organize a virtual run to benefit Team in Training, tying it in with New Years was a no-brainer!

Rather than making my virtual run a carbon-copy of so many other virtual runs, I decided that a 5k distance wasn’t enough.  I realized that some people mark the start of a new year by running the number of miles the year marks, and since we’re entering 2014, you can opt to run 14 miles!

So, what’s involved?  Click the “Register Here” button below to go to the Active.com race registration. Select whether you plan to run the 5k or 14-mile distance.  The price is the same, but your medal will reflect the distance registered for.  The official window for the run is Monday, December 30 to Sunday, January 5.

All registrants will receive a medal and, upon submitting proof of completion of the run (a form will be sent to all registrants), all participants will have the chance to win door prizes.  Prizes will not be based on time, so no matter how slow or fast you run, you have the same chance of winning.  Some of the prizes are listed below!

Run bibs: Pop A Cork 5k Bib Pop A Cork 14-Mile Bib

Get friends to register with you and make your own group run!  I plan to and will be bringing champagne to share with everyone that joins me!  New Years is a celebration, and whether you are an accomplished runner or a newbie, start 2014 (or wrap up 2013) on a good foot!

Prizes to date:

Gaiam Balance Chair

Kona Kase (one month box)


WIN Detergent

Picky Bars – bars + wristband

d.i.z. Custom Handmade Yoga Mat Carrier

Contact Kim at PCKIMH@HOTMAIL.COM with any questions.

Benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.


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