About Too Slow For Oranges

Welcome to Too Slow for Oranges, inspired by and dedicated to the slow runners of the world!  In two of the four marathons I’ve completed, oranges were offered to runners in the final eight or nine miles.  Sadly, as a back of the pack runner, all I know of those oranges were the discarded slices.  I aspire to change that, which is why I chose this name for the blog.

What can you expect?

  1. A lot of talk about running.  What’s a running blog that doesn’t?  I’ll talk about training, races I’ve run, and an anecdote here and there.
  2. Goal-setting and accomplishment.  I have a laundry list of goals and need to be accountable for them!
  3. Stuff I love.  Running stuff, food, drinks, books and so on.  If Oprah can feature her favorite things, so can I.
  4. Random posts about anything else that comes up in my life.

I’m a single 33-year-old in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania.  I’m an hour from Philadelphia and just a bit over an hour from New York so I love it here.  I’ve been running for about ten years, starting after college when I needed to shake up my workout at the gym.  Running has changed my life in so many ways and I love sharing my passion for it with others.  Since starting to run I’ve lost weight, met new some of the most incredible people I know, supported charities with thousands of dollars, and traveled many places to run.  I’ve completed four full marathons, 11 half marathons, and so many 5ks, 10ks, 5-milers and so on that I’ve lost count.  I’ve run races in Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Colorado, California, Pennsylvania, Delaware, D.C., New Jersey and Puerto Rico.


2 thoughts on “About Too Slow For Oranges

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