Kim’s Super-Awesome Ragnar Relay Recap Roundup

In three weeks I, along with several thousand of my closest friends, will be making my way through the Florida Keys for the Ragnar Florida Keys relay! Back in April when my friend Rochelle started asking for my advice about putting together a team, February seemed so far away. Here in Eastern PA, the weather has been up and down, with some of the coldest temps we’ve seen in many years, so a trip to Florida will be awesome. I’ve done three Ragnars, most recently Ragnar Niagara. The group that I’m running Ragnar Florida Keys with are all Ragnar virgins! When I did my first Ragnar, I didn’t know what to expect; teams were in costume, vans were decked out, showers were sparse, tensions were hot within vans, and sleep? Uh, yeah, doesn’t happen much, or at least not enough. But during each leg, you could count on your van to be there supporting you, cheering for you. And we got to run through some pretty unique places. Then when you finish, altogether crossing through the finish line, you revel in the fact that your team accomplished this, a 200-mile non-stop journey. Oh and at the finish line, there’s beer. So that’s pretty great.

The Finish Line of the Ragnar Relay Niagara Falls

The Finish Line of the Ragnar Relay Niagara Falls

My team for the Florida Keys is from all over the country, so we won’t all be in one place together until the NIGHT BEFORE we start! I decided that I wanted to share with them some great Ragnar recaps to get them excited for the run, but also to know what they might expect. Since I compiled the recaps for my teammates, I figured it would make a great blog post! So here it is, Kim’s Super-Awesome Ragnar Relay Recap Roundup. Carpe Diem Crystal

Ragnar Cape Cod Part 1 Ragnar Cape Cod Part 2  Ragnar Cape Cod Part 3

Scoot-A-Doot: Cam

Ragnar SoCal Ragnar Northwest Passage  “And everyone always runs faster on their night runs.  It’s a well-known Ragnar-phenomenon.” Ragnar Napa ValleyGeneral Relay Post  “Many times during the race it will be up to the team to support the active runner.  This could be with water, Gatorade, GU, first aid, messages on the sidewalk with chalk, music, bullhorn shenanigans, cowbell, scissors for cutting off pants…whatever your runner needs, it’s the teams job to get it to them.”

Heat Runner

Ragnar Napa Valley Part 1 Ragnar Napa Valley Part 2

Runs For Cookies

Ragnar Florida Keys

Too Tall Fritz

Ragnar Florida Keys

Hit the Road Jane

Ragnar Florida Keys   “Like sweaty monkeys we all hammered out our miles and tried to contain our sweat fest by designating a “Hot Seat” in the van. If you just ran a leg, you had to sit in the hot seat. Period. By the end, the hot seat was more like the Swamp seat, and included all the gross amenities you’d find in the real thing; wet, emanating heat, unknown creatures, etc.”

Sweetly Balanced

Ragnar Florida Keys  “As much as I complained in the weee hours of the night that I wanted to sleep sooo bad, I still had fun.  As much as the Florida heat made me feel like I would fall over while running, I still had fun.  As much as I missed showering after running in 85 degree weather and then getting into a van with 6 other people while being covered in sweat, I still had fun.”

Jillian Keeps Moving Forward

Ragnar Florida Keys Part 1

Ragnar Florida Keys Part 2

Ragnar Florida Keys Part 3


Ragnar Relay Florida Keys Part 1

Ragnar Relay Florida Keys Part 2

Ragnar Relay Florida Keys Part 3

Ragnar Relay Florida Keys Part 4

Stacey provides a TON of great details on the Florida Keys race – sleeping options, course highlights, and forewarning for the heat… and I LOVE the orange nail polish idea

Have you done a Ragnar Relay? Share a link to your recap in the comments!

Are you doing (or have you done) Ragnar Florida Keys? What are you looking forward to?


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