Be Well Philly Boot Camp – Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about how Be Well Philly Boot Camp was set up and what the Lithe Method class I took was like. Today I’ll go through everything after that!

Body Cycle

Selfie before doing a kick-ass Body Cycle class

For 11am I booked the session that was held in the same room as Lithe Method so I waited outside the room while it was reset with the spin bikes. Body Cycle Studio is an indoor cycling studio in Center City, Philadelphia, and they provided Shoshanna and Carly to instruct us in a tabata cycling class. Tabata is typically eight sets or 20-seconds on/all-in, 10-seconds off/low for a total of four-minutes work. Each tabata was set with a different song and was geared toward a hill climb or sprint. After a warm up that gave us a taste of each position on the bike, Shoshanna led us through our first tabata, a medium hill, and let us pick whatever position we were comfortable with, with the caveat that whatever we picked we had to stick with. I chose position 3 (standing) and stuck with it. The next song Carly took over and had us go through some sprints in and out of the seat. We followed that with another tabata hill, which we were seated through. That hill climb was tough! As the time ticked by we did a few more tabatas, switching between hills and sprints and seated and standing. I was a sweaty mess and loved it! After class was done I thanked Carly and Shoshanna for such a fun ride and got their card to go to the studio for a free class sometime.

Erin and Kristen doing a running analysis

Erin and Kristen doing a running analysis

Outfit number one was done at this point so I changed to outfit 2 in the ladies room before going to the Marketplace for lunch. I ran into both Courtney and Erin and both of them were heading into 12pm sessions so I took my box lunch from Harvest Seasonal Grill and Wine Bar and sat outside to eat. Outside they had a tent set up as the Subaru Outdoor Fitness Area, and at that time it was being used for a boot camp class. Other classes outside throughout the day were Pilates, dance workouts and yoga.  I checked out the Marketplace again and picked up a T-shirt at Indigo Schuy, a high-end boutique-style running store.

My next booked session was Pure Barre at 1pm so that hour-long break went by really quickly! Pure Barre has two locations in the Philadelphia area, and over 30 more throughout the country. Barre was another new class for me so I had no idea what to expect. The space was tight! In Pure Barre we went through small isometric movements with 3 lb dumbbells, resistance bands and then some with no props. We used the barre for a little bit but a lot of the class we were on the mat, and I was surprised how many hip-tucks we did.

Ali ShapiroTruce with Food signPure Barre was the last session I pre-booked, figuring I’d do the yoga class or one of the info sessions after to finish the day. At 2:45 they were announcing the raffle award winners so after running into Courtney and her friend on their way to Truce with Food I tagged along. I’d never heard of Truce with Food before, but it was developed by Philly-based dietician Ali Shapiro, who works each client through four phases to improve their health and overall well-being. Not knowing much going into the session, I was intrigued when I left, and am definitely going to look further into Ali’s program. What stood out to me was not just looking at what you eat, but looking at the patterns of eating and outside factors having an impact on your diet.

After Truce with Food I said my good-byes to Courtney and her friend, and walked back upstairs (which at that point was challenging!) to meet Erin and her friends Kristen and Emily for the raffle announcements. Erin and I were both unlucky and didn’t win anything but Emily won a voucher for a massage and Kristen won a gift card for Indigo Schuy! We were parked in the same garage down the street so we walked together and said our good-byes before heading out of the city. I can’t stress how glad I am that I came across this event and impulsively signed up. I am sore and achy after three workouts, two of which were very new and different for me, but I loved every part of the event. It was incredibly well organized and featured so many quality vendors and sessions. I’m already looking forward to going next year!

Have you ever worked with an RD to develop a nutrition plan and new outlook on food?


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