Be Well Philly Boot Camp – Part 1

A little over a month ago I wrote up a list of different workouts and classes I wanted to try, many of which are in Philadelphia or New York. One day I was browsing the Lithe Method web site and there was a link promoting an event on June 8 from Be Well Philly Magazine called Be Well Philly Boot Camp. I clicked the link, read the description and found out it was only $25! It seemed a lot like the SELF Workout in the Park and Women’s Health event, and featured Lithe along with a few other fun workouts, information sessions, a vendor marketplace and cooking demos. I was sold!

I registered the next day and because it was so early I was able to book a spot in the classes that required pre-registration.  Since the schedule offered Lithe Method and Pure Barre classes and these were on my workout wish-list I picked those. I was probably a little crazy to but I also signed up to do a Body Cycle spin class.  All of the sessions I picked filled up pretty quickly because my friend Erin registered not long after and wasn’t able to get in any of the sessions that you had to pre-book a spot for.Yoga Mat Carrier

Yesterday was the big day and I could not have been more excited! I packed a tote bag with three bottles of nuun, two extra shirts, two extra shorts, a towel and my wallet. I also needed to bring my yoga mat so the night before I made myself a yoga mat carrier that I’d been meaning to make for weeks; I’m so happy with how it turned out!

Be Well Philly Boot Camp was taking place at the Drexel University Recreation Center in the University City area of Philadelphia, which I figured would take me a little over an hour to drive to. I left the house with plenty of time and pulled into the parking garage about 15 minutes before the 9am registration time. After getting together my stuff (along with a spare yoga mat for Erin to use) and walking over, the crowds were starting to fill in. I signed my waiver, checked in and grabbed the United Healthcare grocery tote being given out, then headed up the stairs to the Marketplace which was already hopping with activity.

Marketplace 1The schedule didn’t have anything starting until 9:30, and the sessions I booked weren’t starting until 10 so I had plenty of time to check out the vendors and grab a cup of yogurt and Kind granola. I ran into my friend Courtney (who I hadn’t seen probably since we ran MCM in 2010) and met up with Erin to get her my spare yoga mat and chat a few minutes before going to Lithe.

A few minutes before ten I managed to find the group workout room where the Lithe Method session was and set my mat up. In talking to a couple other women in the class, I was glad to hear I wasn’t the only one trying Lithe for the first time.

Lithe Method is a Philly-based chain of studios that offers a gazillion classes! According to their web site, Lithe Method is Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting® (CCS), a proprietary blend of muscle-shaking cardiovascular, cheerleading-inspired aerobic, and strength training exercises created by former USC Cheerleader, Lauren Boggi. In the studio they utilize bands strung from the wall as props for balance and strength moves.

Since Drexel’s workout room wouldn’t work with the hanging bands, the instructor, Carrie, handed out single bands to use.  We had 40 minutes for the class, so Carrie jumped right in and got us warmed up before starting some signature Lithe moves. I don’t remember all the real terms for everything, but we were tucking, doing jumping jacks, V-jumps and a couple other plyometric moves (which we repeated more than once!), then moved into lunges and some work on the floor with the bands. We had the bands wrapped around our legs just above the knee and sat side ways to lift, kick and tap our knees and legs out.  We went through the cardio plyometric sequence again and reversed sides. With a tight IT band, the work on the floor was really challenging! The 40 minute session flew by and we went through another cardio sequence before moving into a cool down and stretch.

Lithe was fun but I’m glad that I did this class before trying one at the studio. It’s pricier than most fitness options, and Courtney says that she’s been able to buy discount passes through Groupon-like sites, so I may do that in the future, but I am not in a position to pay full price for it.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a full breakdown of everything I did after Lithe Method!

Have you ever attended a fitness/health event like this before? Have you ever tried Lithe Method? What did you think?


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