Curing a Case of Winter Blues

One of my closest friends (and one of my favorite running buddies), Niki, moved to Tacoma, Washington in August.  Last year she lived in Colorado Springs and I planned a visit over Memorial Day weekend which included running Bolder Boulder. Going into 2013 we had planned for me to visit Tacoma in April and we would run the Whidbey Island Half Marathon together.  As more things kept finding a place on both of our calendars, it became more and more evident that it would be smart to reconsider that trip.  Luckily neither of us registered for the race and I didn’t book my airfare, so making a trip to the West Coast got put on the back-burner, and we’d look into some options for July or August.

Fast forward to a week ago Thursday, and out of curiosity (possibly attributed to some caliber of winter blues/cabin fever and an itch to get away), I checked out how much a flight would cost to spend a long weekend there… in two weeks.  I started with Kayak and found that flights were atrocious. But then I checked Southwest, which I earned a $100 voucher for from a flight delay last year.  When I saw flights were $120 each way, I texted Niki and asked if it would be feasible for her schedule for me to fly out on 2/28 and back home 3/4.  Twenty minutes later I had my flights booked!

I am not well-known for spontaneity, and I have my run calendar filled out through June (oh I guess I should do a post about that!)… with all necessary hotel accommodations booked two months in advance!  With that being said, I am incredibly excited for this trip.  I’ve never been to Washington and am looking forward to spending a day seeing the sights in Seattle.  We’ve talked about doing a whale watch as well, which I haven’t done since we did trips to Cape Cod in high school.  I’ll have all day Friday to myself while Niki works so I’ll explore Tacoma and try to get a run in to see the scenery.  It will be short trip but I always get itchy to get away this time of year so it will be well worth it.

Anyone else feeling cabin fever or the winter blues and itching to get away?  When it’s not possible to get away how do you make the most of staying home?


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