Ten Things Tuesday

It’s been a couple weeks since I launched this new blog and posted anything so here are ten things to update you on what’s going on in the world of Kim.



1) In the realm of Running I’m staying consistent. In November I participated in Pile on the Miles, and from mid-November until the first weekend in January, I participated in Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge.  I didn’t win anything in either, but after finishing the Philly Marathon in November, being part of these kept me on track with going to the gym and getting miles in.  Sure I cut back, but not nearly as much as I have after previous marathon cycles.  On January 1st, the Chilly Challenge began so I’ve been keeping track of my miles and contributing to #TeamEscapades.  It’s been fun interacting with the other participants in the Facebook group and on Twitter.

2) I have been cross training/strength training MUCH more consistently than I have in the past several years.  I haven’t been as consistent as I’d like, but at least twice a week I’m getting in either a circuit in the weight room, or a large group training class.  The latter is so much fun and I’m enjoying seeing the same faces.

Crock Pot

My new Crock Pot (image from the Crock Pot web site)

3) I bought a new Crock Pot!  I have owned a Crock Pot for a few years, but it’s been relegated to being left at work because that’s where it was getting used primarily (for pot lucks and such).  After Peanut Butter Fingers put out the gauntlet to try ten new Crock Pot recipes by the end of February, I started seeking out some recipes that I could try.  As a vegetarian, my perception of the Crock Pot is that I can’t do much other than chili and soups.  I was WAY wrong! I found a bunch of recipes that I’m interested in trying (I went a little Pin-happy one night).  Since the Crock Pot I owned was a hand-me-down and I honestly wasn’t sure how well it operated, I decided to fork out $20 on a new one.  I also was concerned that for as old as the other one was, whether it would be safe to leave at home all day cooking.  Today I tried my first recipe, Veggie Curry, and it was ok.  I would make it again, with some modifications.

4) I need to decide by midnight tonight whether I want to run the Marine Corps Historic Half in May. My cousin and I were chatting on Facebook and she told me she had decided to run this, her first half!  My April run schedule is crazy, and June will be crazy with Ragnar, so I could manage doing this and it would be very fun to be there for her.  Decisions, decisions…  If anyone has run the Historic Half and has any thoughts on it please comment or email me!

5) I’ve been to the theater to see movies THREE times in the last four weeks.  Some may think it’s silly to make a special note of this.  To put it in perspective, prior to December 28, the last time I was at the movies was July, to see Magic Mike with some girlfriends, at 11am, with mini-bottles of wine… As one of the few single people of my many circles of friends, I don’t have a go-to movie date.  I also have every premium channel and Netflix, so in many cases I don’t care to spend $20 to see a movie.  As a big fan of Les Miserables (the musical and the story in general – I read the book in high school), I knew I would want to see that in the theater, so WEEKS before it was released I made sure that my friend Amy would be free to go, and as it worked out my mom tagged along too.  Another musical I’m a fan of is Phantom of the Opera, so when I saw that Miller Symphony Hall was going to show the sequel, Love Never Dies, ONE time a few weeks ago, I again recruited Amy to be my movie date because she too is a Phantom fan.  Not exactly a movie theater, but close enough!  Finally, this past weekend I had plans for Saturday afternoon that fell through, so I took it as a sign that I book it to the IMAX to see The Hobbit before it was too late.  In talking to other people about it, I knew that the best way to experience this was in the theater, and they were 150% right about that.  I went alone, mainly because it was a last minute decision and I didn’t want to spend all afternoon calling around and seeing if anyone wanted to go; it was much easier to just go.  And seriously, who cares if you go to the movies alone – you’re sitting there to see a movie, no one is judging you.  I’m happy to give my review of all three to anyone that inquires.

6) I spent two hours Sunday going through and listening to 45s.  I’m not sure if it was when my grandmother passed away a few years ago, or my grandfather before her, but somehow my mom wound up with their record collections, which also included those of my mom’s siblings and records from a jukebox that was in the bar they owned 30 years ago.  For Christmas my mom told my dad that all she wanted was a record player, which they haven’t had for nearly 30 years.  On Sunday my brother and I brought up the collection of 45s and LPs to see what was there.  The LPs for the most part were warped to an extent that they really couldn’t be played (I was so sad that the soundtrack to Cats was unplayable).  The 45s were all in very good shape.  We started with some Crosby Stills Nash and Young, threw on some Elvis and MJ for the kids to experience, and went through at least a dozen others – Sheena Easton, Def Leppard, Paul McCartney, The Beach Boys, Barbra Streisand, Starland Express, Todd Rundgren, and so on.01_22_What_I_Love

7) I have quite the collection of butter spreads.  I have always loved peanut butter.  A few years ago I jumped on the almond butter bandwagon, but didn’t buy it frequently because of the cost.  Then I discovered Trader Joe’s, where a big jar was way more affordable than other places.  I also discovered Speculoos from Trader Joe’s.  Last week I had a GoPicnic lunch pack that had a pack of SunButter to put on crackers (or eat is straight out of the tube – whatever works…) and fell in love.  I’ve read other blogs or tweets about it but hadn’t tried it before and that was it, I was hooked.  So as you’ll see in the photo, aptly labeled What I Love Right Now, you’ll see my collection of butter spreads.  Yes, there are two almond butters because I accidentally bought crunchy, so obviously I had to get a creamy too.  MIA from the pic is the jar of Planters banana granola nut peanut butter.  Didn’t even realize it was missing, go fig…

8) Nugget Nectar, oh how I’ve missed you.  I have two favorite beers – Troegs Nugget Nectar and Sam Adams Octoberfest.  Both are seasonal, so twice a year I go crazy when each is released, and then get so sad when the last of them are gone.  Nugget Nectar was just released a week ago, so I have a good six weeks or so to enjoy it.

9) I want to participate in a book club (in person or online), but can’t until I get through at least one more A Song of Ice and Fire book.  For those not familiar, A Song of Ice and Fire is the book series that the television series Game of Thrones is based on.  I love the show, and after season two ended I decided that I wanted to try to read at least the first book.  I started it in June while I was on vacation with my family, and finished it in September I think.  I wasn’t reading it consistently, and because book one matches season one (with some differences) I think I took my time because I kind of knew what was going on.  After finishing book one I figured, well maybe I should read book two, and work toward reading book three before the next season starts.  So I started book two, which took me until the beginning of January to finish.  I REALLY want to read something else, because these are VERY complicated, with lots of characters and story lines, however I was really into it when I finished book two and with season three starting in March I jumped right in, and honestly think I’m reading it a lot quicker, even though it’s 400 (yes 400) pages longer.  I think it’s mainly because it’s new to me, unlike the first two books which matched relatively closely to the TV show.  I vow that after I finish book three I will read something else, that I can talk to other (more normal) people about.  I swear I’m not the big sci-fi/fantasy geek I’m coming off to be in this post.

10) I promise I will never do a Ten Things Tuesday.  I can’t believe how LONG this post is, but really felt like I wanted to catch up on a few things.  I also promise I will never do a What I Ate today post, showing what I ate for every meal.  That’s fine for some people, and I regularly read several blogs with this every day, but it’s not for me.


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